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How Does It Work ?

  • Personalised learning content is strategically designed to provide complete coverage of the concepts, enhanced contextual retention and extensive practice for the student to achieve learning success
  • Our core learning approaches focus on three primary skill development which includes complete conceptual understanding, highly result oriented learning and real life application of the concepts
  • RAPTOR EXPERT is designed in-line with the class 11 and 12 curriculum and competitive exams like NEET/JEE.
  • For a student, there is always something better to take away from RAPTOR EXPERT.

Learning Navigated Independently

Trilateral approach for effective entrance preparation

Clear Planning Schedules

Time and effort saving study practices

Deailed Progression reports to identify success gap

Multi skilled independent learner with high marks in NEET/JEE

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Raptor Expert for Classes 11 & 12

A Complete Learning Package for   Class 11 and 12