A technology enabled solution for institutions exclusively for Class 11 and 12

Board Exams / NEET / JEE

Raptor Institution is Designed to

Connect all Stakeholders


Access to effective pedagogy practices and detailed student performance reports


Enjoys comprehensive learning program in-line with the curriculum for board as well as competitive exams.


Witnesses the student performance reports in various assessments conducted at campus.


School or the institution becomes the mid point of connecting all the stakeholders by implementing advanced methodologies in teaching, learning, assessment.

Become a

Raptor Powered

Campus Today!

Teacher Friendly

Easy to adapt as it is in-line with the curriculum available

Audio-visual Enriched

More than 2000+ audio-visuals available to promote easy understanding of abstract concepts

Competitive Aptitude

More than 5000+ drill questions available for extensive practice during regular classes

Robust Solution for

Conducting Assessments

Expert Handpicked

Handpicked questions by our expert faculty team, on different levels of competencies and complexities

Admin Controlled

The entire test package is admin controlled and is always under the supervision of the school to manage and update user data.


Say goodbye to strenous paper pilling tasks. Assign and receive tests in a single click. Become an eco-friendly campus.

Efficient test cycles

Test allocation and review is instantaneous. Teachers can now assess the entire class in just a click.

Personalised learning for

Every Student

Strategic learning

End to End content coverage for Planning, learning, revision and assessment which is in-line with the curriculum made by field experts.

Offline and Online access

Learn anytime, anywhere and choose your comfortble mode of learning which on any form is made sure for safety.

Improved learning habits

Our specialised study techniques has proven to impart a suitable change in the way a student learns.

Report Tracking Can

Never be so Hassle-free

Track performance

Track student performance at different layers starting from macro to micro levels.

Manage attendance

Avoid Hassles of marking test attendance and managing student data.

Stored metrics

Pull up test and performance data anytime from any particular day of the academic year.

A Complete Techno Suite for

Class 11 and 12 For Your Campus